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June 7, 2017
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Where fathers went wrong

From as early as primary school, we recited that famous bible prayer Jesus was teaching his disciples; our father who art in heaven, hollowed be thy name, may your kingdom come down, as it is in heaven, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil, now and forever. Amen.

The underlying truth behind this prayer is an emulation of the father’s love especially for the male man. In this prayer we see a model that must be emulated by every man. We see the father who gave us minds desiring us to choose to emulate him. He has been a faithfully and an unchanging father ever since then. From genesis to revelation, we see men fail but God remaining who he is.

For all fathers, pay a attention to this;

We pray to the father in heaven and, and worship His name because of who He is. We acknowledge His kingdom and always ask Him to let His kingdom come down just as it is in heaven. We plead for His will to be done as is in heaven. We ask Him for daily bread – provision. Because of our daily failures, we ask him for forgiveness as we forgive our fellow brothers. We then ask for His leadership not into temptation. We ask for his deliverance. And there is a reason why we do this. He is the father, the creator of all things. Time has tested him as the unfailing father. From the days of old he has been the father he is today. He has been an example for many but few have failed to imitate him.

How earthly fathers are expected to mirrors the heavenly father

Such is the model for earthly fatherhood. Like our father in heaven, so are the earthly fathers. He therefore has a fatherly responsibility according to the heavenly pattern.

The name: The earthly father ought to have a name. If you want to understand this, in many communities when someone does something bad, people will ask; who is his father? Reason being, your character is highly attributed to your father. They want to know how irresponsible he was in bringing you up.

The kingdom: When we request, ‘your kingdom come down,’ we are reminded that every father is a king to his own family however small it may be. As a king, there are mannerisms, values, beliefs, and mode of operation that must be set by the king himself for his family to emulate. This is actually seen in the way different people behave. In school and work place, I observed people behaved in a certain way and others in a different way. But these differences started way back home, thus the old saying, charity begins at home, how? The pace was set by the father.

The fathers will: ‘Thy will come down, as it is in heaven’ reminds us that even the earthly father has a will. The stronger the will of a father in the right direction the better. When a young man develops the will to lead a decent and prosperous life, it will affect his family. It is thy will that will be done in his family. Thy will in character, mannerisms, lifestyle, etc.

The daily bread: ‘Give us day by day our daily bread’. As fathers we were meant to be a providers in a all spheres of family.

The forgiver: And ‘forgive us our sins,’ reminds us that a father was not created to lead a so upright family. Sometimes children will disobey, they will annoy, they will do all kinds of crazy things, but as our father in heaven forgives, every father should forgive; his wife and children, and anyone who deserves forgiveness in the family cycle.

Leadership: ‘Lead us into temptation’ reminds us that the father, being a king, he was created to lead, and to lead in the right and acceptable path. A family of a morally upright father tends to produce morally upright children. And the house of a morally corrupt father tends to produce the same. Many times the life we lead is upon the pace or trend set by the father. Children from spiritually sensitive families tend to respect spiritual things and lead a decent spiritual life. Same thing for children from entrepreneurial or academically inclined parents. And sad but true, the same thing for those from morally corrupt families.

Deliverance: ‘But deliver us from evil’ reminds us that the father was created to be a deliverer of his own children; deliverance from the forces of a morally corrupt society, a poverty stricken life, an immoral life, and any other vice that could endanger his wife and children.

That’s the model as fathers we are supposed to reproduce in our lives in the fatherly responsibility – the work he delegated us to do. But some how we have failed. What went wrong?

Where fathers went wrong

That explained above ought to be case, but unfortunately many fathers have failed. The only thing they have remained with is the title of a father but posses none of the fatherly attributes modeled by the heavenly father.

They have lost a name to things like corruption, child neglecting, sexual immorality and all these other potentially negative adjectives.

They are enemies within their own kingdoms. They have failed to set a pace. They have failed to initiate positive mannerisms, values, beliefs, and modes of operation for their families to walk by.

They have no own will to be done in their families. Their will to success is a no more. Their will to be exemplary fathers and loving husbands is no more.

They have lost their place as providers, yet demonstrated no effort to regain it.

Some have taken the path of unforgiveness, children are burnished from homes to streets, and mothers are kicked out plus their children.

Fatherly leadership has failed. They have not helped their children develop a relationship with the father of fathers – God.

They have not delivered their children from certain things, but instead bound them even more to pain that will last a life time should help never show up. Some have gone forward to introduce witchcraft in their families. That’s the only form of spiritual thing they have initiated in their families.

And as a result,

A generation of un-fathered men has been created. Like it was said, children are the future of tomorrow, old men are lingering somewhere watching their sons reminding them they things they used to do.

The solution

It is time for fathers to return to God. It’s time for fathers to make up with God and undo the stuff they did. It is time for fathers to fight on hard and reclaim their positions. It’s time we returned to God and cried out louder for divine help. It is time to re-pursue the destinies that were never pursued.