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June 23, 2017

What is wrong with secular music – the just-nice music

Oops! The right question is “what is wrong with secularism?” That should be the question we should be asking. For some reason lots of Christians think, secular music is that music video with naked women dancing, guys with strange hairstyles rapping, smoking weed, puffing smoke on camera, etc. Well, there is a degree of truth in that, but I call it half truth.

Secular means worldly. Let’s look at the “ism”, like plagiar“ism” is academic theft, secular“ism” is the intentional embracement of worldly concepts with no substantial regard for the Godly point of view.

Just as faith is a lifestyle, secularism is a life style with many dimensions to it. It has a dimension to music, dance, cinema, love, dating, marriage, prosperity, success, faith, kindness, education, knowledge, etc. In other words all these terms have a secular definition and point of view attached to them. And the same words have a Christian definition and point of view attached to them.

For example, the secular point of view looks at music as necessary entertainment irrespective what spiritual backbone it holds but the Christian point of view looks at music from the angle of glorifying God.

The secular point of view on dance appreciates any body movements whether sexually suggestive, or even in worship of an old time goddess, whereas the Christian point of view looks at dance as any dance steps that are not offensive before God.

Secularism looks at success and prosperity as an achievement from personal hard work, strategy, determination and many times it does not care about how success and money come by. Whether the right or the wrong way, it does not care! Someone invents a virus and invents a cure to make money, irrespective of those who may suffer the virus – as long as he makes money – that’s secularism at work!

On the other hand, Christianity goes beyond the universal principals like hard work, strategy, marketing, etc and emphasizes the significance responsibility of God towards any form of success and prosperity.

I could go on and on explaining every dimension in both angles; secularism and Christianity, but that requires a conference, workshop or book.

We live in a secular world, but God’s number one desire is NEVER for us to live in accordance to the secular/worldly standards. He says, “do not conform your selves to the standards of this world – Romans 12:2”. “Love not the worldneither the things that are in the worldIf any man love the world, the love of the Father is not in him – 1 John 2:15”. God speaks to humanity in so many other scriptures about the same. As He spoke to the Laodicean church, He still speaks to day; “since you are lukewarm and neither hot nor cold, I am going to spit you out of my mouth – Revelations 3:16”. Just like we hate lukewarm water, we never go far with it, you either leave it or spit it, but God promises to spit a lukewarm Christian.

What then is wrong with the nice music, dances, and all these other positive things? Please note; they are good things from the worldly point of view.

Here is my advice, before you indulge in any of these things. Use Ephesians 4:8 as a benchmark; “Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true …honest …just …pure …lovely…are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.” If I am dancing to this music, does this impress God? What spirit is impressed with my actions or steps I am taking in life? Just ask questions revolving about God point of view concerning what you do.

By the way, because God ought to be the benchmark of our lives, some people were highly pissed! Why God? Who is God? What about me? All these selfish questions, that’s how we came to have some to be agnostic or atheists. But this did not take away the truth of who God is. He still blesses us daily with universal blessings like oxygen, water, etc.

Don’t take Him to be mean, he simply desires you to have your own life in him. Take him as a father who wants you to live a limitless life but within the confines of his compound. It is absurd though, many do not want to live in his compound. They prefer to live a life in the world that is under the famously known prince of this world – the devil.

Want it or not, you cannot be the third force in this world! They are only two, the devil or God. If you want to create a middle ground, impossible! God has a history with the devil, he is not about to embrace anything from the devil, not even at any point ever in time. Want a middle ground; he will identify you with the worldly ground. Life is either lived in God or as under satanic influence. The middle ground is satan’s idea.

I hope the above discussion, has enlightened you more about secularism. Feel free to share this article, to supplement or to ask me any more questions.