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Water pipeline crew members prepare for the laying of the next section of the 60-mile-long chain running near Eden, Texas. The Texas Tribune (Galbraith: West Texas Water) Jerod Foster For The Texas Tribune

Due to the ongoing road works in my home area, we faced a problem of water shortage and definitely as a natural born Ugandan you know how to respond; find those jericans and look for water – please read on – it’s about to make sense.

First two nearby water taps had no water but at a distance quite far away from my house, there was a water tank. As far as it was, I meet the chap selling every jerican is 500Ugx – quite much! And I am like easy, we will do with that.

At that moment I am reminded the best book I have ever read. It is called The Parable of the Pipeline. It talks about two young energetic young men, probably the most energetic in a certain small town of the west. This town had no piped water. The well was the source for everyone.

This came in as a golden opportunity for these young men. Them being energetic, they utilized the opportunity of fetching water for the community members. Here is the magic, the more they fetched, the more they made money. The day they never fetched, that’s the day they ran broke. Their money was dependant on their energy. They made money!

One wise partner woke up one day, after probably five years of fetching water for money and told the other, “Dude, we are not growing any younger, the older we become, the less energetic we will be.” The other party laughed it off and asked the other, “What are you going to do about it?” He said, “I got an idea, I am going to dig a pipeline from the well, where water will come from and be distributed to people’s homes in the city.” He went on and said, “This is a big project brother, would you please join me so that we are in this together?” The other party said, “No, impossible! You are gonna waste time digging whatever pipeline you are talking about. I can’t join you. I have money to make.” They parted company. His friend never understood his idea. He never saw his vision.

Next day, the visionary friend started digging the pipeline. It was a tough one. His friend laughed at him as he was carrying his buckets for cash. With patience and pain, the visionary friend stuck to the project. He would wake up daily and dig the pipeline, and spend the whole day doing the same thing.

This went on for months, and months of doing what his friend thought was a crazy idea. Some times even he, himself was wondering the worthiness of his idea, but he stuck to the idea because he knew, one time the pipeline will reach the city, and water would be distributed at a fee.

After some many years later, the pipeline was already in the city. At this time he had reached old age. His energy was no more. His philosophies came to pass, the more he grew, he was not growing any younger. His energy was less and less.

Meanwhile his old time buddy was the same. He could not fetch as much water as he used to. Therefore, he could not make as much money as he used to. His money depended on his energy. He was a broke man.

On the other side, the man who was always digging up the pipeline was just at the beginning of making business. The whole town that had also increased in population was running to him for water. Not for free, but at a fee. As he was resting, his pipeline was bringing in water all day.

He made fetching water useless. All his friend’s customers ran to him. He could no longer service them since he had no energy.

His friend could now understand that the time his buddy spent digging the pipeline was not useless. It was worth it. They were friends, but they had now turned into two different people, the rich one and the poor one.

Them being friends, once in a while the rich one would give the poor one some little money but he could not do much.

When I read this book, I was disturbed. I have since then embarked on this journey of digging the pipeline.

Some times as we dig, there are rocks, the ground will be hard. Sometimes, the ground is simply the wrong path, and you have to abandon it and channel the pipeline to another channel. It’s painful, but right. Sometimes your friends and family will not understand you. Sometimes even you yourself will doubt your path, but stick to the vision. There is a time when your vision will come to pass.

Let’s go dig our own pipelines.

I somehow got this book, and I am giving it out for free, all you to do is follow the link.