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November 30, 2016
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January 24, 2017

Set “Action” above all other resolutions

Basketball player in action --- Image by © Tim Tadder/Corbis

At the start of each New Year, we are always encouraged to set resolutions. Things that we would like to achieve in the New Year. A resolution is basically a mental plan later written to be pursued for a positive result.

Well, the year ends and many get frustrated because of plans failed to be realised. In this case the problem is not the plan, the problem is the common human weakness of “inaction;” the tendency to stay reluctant at life’s most important areas. Here is my solution. Set “Action” as an independent resolution above other resolutions. Here is the reason why.

Life is not automatic. My first experience with an automatic door taught me something, no sooner had I come closer than the door opened. I later learned that the door was automatically set to open based on the installed sensors. Unfortunately life is not like that. It’s a completely manual process. It’s not about setting resolutions and relaxing to see them fulfilled. We have to act. Positive action is the root cause of all positive results. The reverse is true.

We are not static beings. We are human. We are dynamic because life is. Allow life to call. Let it call on. Obey whenever change of plan is required. Refuse to be bound to the confines of your adorable resolutions when you discover better ones along the way.

Life is as series of plans. Look back and trace your life. I bet it was a series of plans set by you or someone else. I am talking about a couple that planned to have a child and that child was you, they later took you to school, you studied on and later graduated and got  a job or started your own company or still in the process. All that is plans paraded like bricks to build someone of significant value. Therefore, don’t set resolutions to keep rigid in pursuit of them. Plans evolve daily basing on the prevailing need.

We always know what we want. If it weren’t because of our so called human weakness of inaction, all of us would be at a different level. We always know what we want. We just don’t do what we are meant to do. I say, set action above all other resolutions.

Practical steps. After laying down all your resolutions, break them down into small doable stuff. Make monthly, weekly then daily steps that could lead you to the ultimate target.

I hope this helps. I off to walking the talk. Go do something. Go change your life.