Wise words to high school students
November 7, 2016
Trust That if We’re Meant for Each Other God Will Make It Happen
November 21, 2016

My story; step into you call no matter what!

Growing up, I was surrounded with dancers, musicians, doctors, lawyers, teachers, engineers, and etcetera. I was advised to choose a dream career like my peers. We were trained to always have an answer to this question, “what do you want to be in future?” And the common answer was always one of these; engineer, doctor, lawyer or pilot. That’s where I was, only to be disappointed that for some reason as I was growing, I felt nothing like that.

My dad’s dream career for me was to be a doctor – which he never realised because his son could just not perform well in maths any of the sciences. Instead the boy was excelling in anything arts. To make it a thorough disappointment, he always found his son drawing. At one point I drew his picture in black and white and he never showed a memorable emotion of gratitude. He was and he is a good father when it comes to authority, command and order, and perhaps that’s the reason we were brought up with good manners but the more I grew up the more I saw his weakness into shaping me what I am becoming today. He participated in fathering me, but I was like water – helplessly flowing in my own.

I was attracted to the arts. At an early age I was attracted to less music video but more to talk shows on TV or even lengthy news articles. I just enjoyed people talking. I started working on my first novel at 15 – though I do not know what later happened the project. I intensified my drawing, painting, and writing. I wrote almost anything I saw; starting from chits, to poems, short stories, and later scripts of any sort. For money’s case, I jangled between careers, but I somehow ended up somewhere writing, designing, creative thing – but somewhere in the arts

When I started grouping with friends at school or camp, I was the over-talking type of a person; but one who always spoke wise counsel. I always ended up the leader of all. I would spend hours listening, watching and reading stuff that I knew none of my peers knew; and I would take pride is sharing my great knowledge.

I grew up. In that line. And I am still growing up.

Today, I am ending up into a voice of reason. A voice of sense and being passionate about helping people transform others. I believe, like Myles Munroe taught me; “your job is not your work, your work is what you were created to do.” – You job is simply a means to an end.

I have this one question for you. What is your story? Did you stick to it or you later picked up what mama wanted for your life? What is it that you felt like?  I always saw doctors, lawyers, engineers, etc., but I never felt like any of them. However I was the guy who felt art in me.

Way forward: Stop waiting. Step into the place of your call. I know, it’s not clear but I believe you feel like something. Step into that place you feel like. It may not pay you immediately but as long as it makes you light up, do it. Well, because life life’s provision is all about making money, just treat your job as the hand that feeds you for now (with emphasis) but never let it hinder the person you were truly meant to be. Just do it. Stop waiting for the perfect moment. You don’t have to be accurate. Inaccuracy is better than inaction.