The price for being good has never been money.

If we all turned our hearts to God, found out the reason why we were created, and walked in that direction, the world would be a better place.

Meet Moses

After gathering experiences both bad and good, and knowledge in different areas, Moses Mubiru is set to build and change lives for good. He believes that in the world that is motivated by reason, there is yet a place where reason meets God. Until you find that place, your knowledge, insight and mere intentional living is vain pursuit.

Its upon that note that the Christian Motivational speaker, writer and personal development trainer has set out to teach the world life lessons and important truths aimed at equipping humanity to win in the three dimensions of life; Spirit, Soul and Body.

He is doing this through videos, speaker invites and exploiting all other media plat forms including social media, websites and blogging.

The Personal Story

After an emotional heart break of a mutual relationship that I always believed in, I was left at the mercies of a depression I went through for about 9 weeks. It was in that season that I met a total stranger who helped me sober up. He asked me questions; when you die, what are people going to say? How do you want to be remembered? What about those numerous dreams you had? Did you achieve them? Did you live? Did you love? Did you matter? Did you change a life? He said, “check your heart, what is your domain? What is that one area you were created to shine?” he told me that if I found that area, that is when life will become meaningful.

Puzzled and confused, I went back one Sunday evening and tried answering those questions. It suddenly dawned on me, for over five years I had left the path I was created to take. I was in pursuit of other good things that were not really right for me. I started looking at my life, 10 years ago when I was dreaming of being a life changer. I was a child who needed help and was always bothered by those who needed help. I wanted to be the answer to the need that I saw. I looked at the pain I had gone through and the good things I had witnessed. I looked at problems in many people’s lives. I knew I was created to be part of the solution. And this is what I have chosen to do; to look for information that could make me better in three dimensions and enable me help others become well too. My precise reason for living is to Build and Change Lives for Good in every way possible.