Trust That if We’re Meant for Each Other God Will Make It Happen
November 21, 2016
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What makes a good life? – Lessons from the longest study on life
November 25, 2016

It’s not how louder you pray that matters but…

Have you met someone at a prayer place praying almost their lungs out? Well, there are many causes of that. At times it could be legit that the one praying has dwelt long enough in the place of prayer and they are at that point where they are burning with passion that they are audibly louder than normal. This is okay and it happens.

However, some people connect to the louder mode sooner than expected which always leaves many wondering; can’t you pray when the voice is low? Realistically, many have crammed a method. It seems to work because they will show up sounding holier than thou – “I mean, I just lost my voice from their prayer closet!” they say.

Well I have this to share with you briefly.

It’s the signal that matters: Let’s borrow a leaf from the last time you spoke on phone with a friend and you were not hearing each other clearly because the signal was not clear. I guess you switched off and found a place where the signal was much clear? Didn’t you? At least it happened to me. Likewise is prayer, it’s the signal that matters. And how do you establish the signal? It takes a revelation of understanding who you are in Christ. What is your position in Him? What does He say about prayer; He said; …if you sons of men know how to give good gifts to your children, how about your heavenly father who loves you dearly? Let’s grasp the revelation. If the lord dwells with in us, lets learn to quiet ourselves down to the depth of the soul; that inner silence where not even the voice of our thoughts interrupts, and from that  point we begin to vocalise our petitions and worship of the creator.

Your relationship with God is key: Well, for those who have dated will tell you that the first encounter with a girl is not what strengthens relationship, neither the second or the third, but it is the repeated encounters of quality conversations and doing life together that build a relationship. Before you burst into a ‘louder than thou’ kind of prayer, seek to develop your relationship with the creator. Be willing to listen to His voice trough the bible. Read an article, a book, an audio, or even watch a Christian video. Find a way of learning more of Him. As you understand Him and His closeness, do not be afraid to talk back. If you really believe he is above all things worship him in song and plain words. If you believe He is the provider, place your requests plain before Him and watch Him release forth his provision. It is not how louder your prayer is, it is how close you are that matters.

You can still control your voice: There are times when it is truly necessary to pray louder than normal, but watch out where you are. The bible warns us against stuff that makes fellow brothers stumble – which oftentimes could be as simple as grumbling. Let’s try to avoid misrepresentation of who we worship. You can still control the sound of you voice while praying!

Let’s not make it complex for the brother next do: This is perhaps why Jesus said, when you pray go to your room and shut yourself behind the doors. Call upon him. He may choose to manifest His presence through sweet dripping tears of joy or it may be a different manifestation, but being behind closed doors will help you mind your business as opposed to when it comes to praying in public.

Nothing to be crammed, but seek to be led of God: If He truly leads you into a louder mode. He will facilitate a convenient environment. I have done this before and many others have done so. I am not against it. My main advice is, let’s seek to strike a balance. And in so doing the Lord will bless us, never forget, “those who are led by the Spirit of God are the true sons of God.”

It’s not the louder you pray that matters, it’s the signal that matters. Let’s connect with the Father. Always be praying.