We are all products of what we know or what we don't know

The primary principle of every man, organisation or company should have been to invest in stuff that makes you or the entity better, but it is unfortunate, this is the most foregone principle. After an initial investment of a child gone to school, that seems to be an end, or after an initial investment in establishing the organisation/company, little to we do to invest in the success of an entity. Could we talk more?

Invite Moses

Moses will do anything to appear at an event where lives can be built. He popularly speaks on personal development and Christian related topics. To find out his schedule, send mail to moses@mosesmubiru.com or contact him directly through this website using the contact form below.

At the meet and talk, Moses offers freelance appointments to individuals and groups of people who have a hunger for moving forward in life and becoming better. These are open interactions covering to themes like, God, entrepreneurship, purpose finding, how to succeed in life, counsel, et cetera.

The interaction is made open and inspiring environments. During this time, you talk about a subject of your choice and get a chance of doing a video, audio, or story together with Moses. Due to busy schedules, sometimes the Meet and Talk sessions do not happen as often as anticipated, but we still make it a point that these moments happen.

Speaking subjects

1. God/Spirituality
2. Leadership
3. Personal development
4. Motivation
5. Unveil your best in business
6. Communication, brands, marketing and digital excellence
7. How to multiply your value and increase your demand

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