About Moses

After gathering experiences both bad and good, and knowledge in different areas, Moses Mubiru is set to build and change lives for good. He believes that in the world that is motivated by reason, there is yet a place where reason meets God. Until you find that place, your knowledge, insight and mere intentional living is vain pursuit.

Its upon that note that the Christian Motivational speaker, writer and personal development trainer has set out to teach the world life lessons and important truths aimed at equipping humanity to win... He is doing this through videos, speaker invites and exploiting all other media plat forms including social media, websites and blogging.

Self discovery course

“The Self Discovery Course is a life’s purpose discovery program that aims at helping you discover who you are. In this program, Moses answers life’s most important questions; what on earth am I here for? Who am I? How can I discover my call? This course is offered on a workshop model.

We prefer not to organize the workshop independently. We work with groups of people in different organizations or companies to pull this off.

How to help a troubled sibling

How to help a troubled sibling id Moses Mubiru’s forth coming book on the subject of helping a troubled brother or sister. Some families are blessed because of a proper up bringing by parents who were spiritually active and financially hardworking but are others they are not that blessed with spiritual things or even the physical things. As a result their lack in material or finances has caused a lot of pain. Worse still, their lack of spiritual foundation has caused members to live in a cycle of pain and misery.

This book therefore is meant for anyone who has a troubled sibling suffering because of a self caused issue, or suffering for a reason they don’t know. Such siblings are marked with a clear mark of failure, whatever they do tends to amount to nothing, they cry, they complain, but choose to hung in there. Some have given in to addictive behaviors like drinking and sexual failure, etcetera. But the good news is, there is hope. In this book Moses shares on how you can potentially help a troubled sibling to initiate a change you so much need in theme.